We also have four small bands under the main Wind Orchestra which perform both alongside Wind Orchestra and independently.

Feeling Saxy:

Feeling Saxy perform a wide selection of music, entertaining audiences in a variety of locations. They are run this year by Martin Hill and Sam Medwell and rehearse on Fridays 7:30-9:30pm in the ensemble room with regular saxy socials. Join their Facebook group if you are interested in coming along! 
Flute Choir:

Flute Choir also perform a big variety of music, especially different film pieces and arrangements of songs from musicals. They are run this year by Alicja Pietrzak. They rehearse on Wednesdays at 1-3pm in the Creative Learning Space.
Liquorice Sticks:

Liquorice Sticks, our clarinet small band, perform a wide variety of music, ranging from up-beat pieces like Caprice, to famous classical excerpts and film music (How to Train Your Dragon). They are run this year by Alyssa Gibbons and rehearse on Thursday at 6-8pm in the Creative Learning Space.

Double Reeds:

The double reed ensemble (a.k.a Duck Duck Goose) is our small band for all of our double reed players, from Cor Anglais to Contrabassoon. The small band this year will be run by Daria Hall and Cameron Hammond. Rehearsals are at various times and different locations, feel free to talk to either of us if you want to come along.